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important info +

(this is how i do it! and how i manage the blog or whaever)

so as you guys might notice, the blog kinda stoped

so dont be scared i have like 4 ou 5 interviews ready 2 post that you massive will love

but now i need to focus all my energy on promoting and taking care of bizzness for our X-MAS PARTY you know?

oh by the way  i´m also preparing some X-MAS presents to all WARFACELX  readers eheh .




some talk


yesterday BASS CLEF +  MR.GASPAROV was sick! 

i loved the live act with instruments and super cool vibe, all folks should go to a BASS CLEF gig honestly!

and MR.GASPAROV had a sick dj set and a nice talk


tomorow i will upload the photos and some movies of it ok?


right now i´m watching SUPER HIGH ME and the only thing i can think is … i dont have any weed to smoke !


ahah bye see ya later