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cardopusher @ Sonar 2009 


So we just interviewed CARDOPUSHER, the Venezuelan producer based on Barcelona. From breakcore to dubstep he as released is power-full songs in labels like HYPERDUB, TRUE TIGRE or OFFROAD and more.. 

He already played at some of the hotest clubs in Europe and this year SONAR! 

Hope you guys like the interview and keep CARDOPUSHER in your must see live LIST



* WARFACE :   Who is Cardopusher ?

Is a Venezuelan (born in Caracas) guy who does electronic music. Now based in Barcelona, Spain.

* When did you start producing ?

I started to produce music like 10 years ago, but taking it very seriously since 7 years ago i think.

* How or when did you find dubstep?

t was 2004, I was surfing on the internet and was checking the Rephlex records website and they were gonna release by that time a dubstep compilation called “Grime”. Then I started to check every artist involved and stuff and that´s how I got in. 

* How´s your process of creating music?

I like to listen music everyday because then i feel inspired to write beats. Then i sit down in front of the computer trying to experiment with different production skills learned from other genres and that´s the way the music goes up.

* Tell us about your influences

I like to listen stuff from dub, reggae, electronica, punk, noise or any kind of music i find interesting no matter what genre is. 

* Lets get technical, how`s your set up like?

Pretty basic. Laptop + soundcard + a couple of midi controllers. No hardware for the moments, but would love it inna future.

* Mythical question Dj´ing  or producing?

As i said before i have been producing for like 10 years but have been djing for just 1. I was into breakcore before and i used to play live acts (well still playing just the last few shows) and then i started to basic things on how to dj. In my opinion, both ways are fun.

* Lets talk about your town, dubstep in CARACAS in VENEZUELA?  how did it all happen and came to life?

I started to play dubstep in 2006 when i came back to Caracasafter a breakcore tour i did in Europe on the same year. At the beginning just few friends started to go to the gigs and some of them then became interested in the sound. This is how it started the small scene there

* How was it 2 you as a Caracas producer  to survive in the dubstep and electronic music?

It´s very hard. Nothing interested really is happening there. It´s difficult to get shows there and also not so many clubs where you can do this kind of parties. To book international artists it´s a nightmare because everything it´s hell expensive, no record shops with good music, no serious labels. The thing is like you feel like you´re like trapped. 

* You´re based in Barcelona right? Tell us what that change in you and your music?

Yes, now im based in Barcelona since more than a year and a half. Me and my girlfriend decided to move because the situation in Venezuela is very critical and it´s becoming dangerous everyday. I was feeling paranoid living there so it was the time to do something. We visited Barcelona 2 years ago and decided this was the right place. Im feeling comfortable since i moved and my music changed radically also. I stopped definitely doing breakcore and now im doing more quiet stuff and at the same time i feel very inspired when i want to do music. 

* You play frequently in europe and did sonar recently. How does it feel to own the respect and sucess ? Do you think you appretiate more and enjoy it more for being from CARACAS? 

It´s great to get your work recognized when you put all your effort on it. This year has been incredible, travelling everywhere, can´t complain at all. I think when you´re not from this part of the world you definitely enjoy it more because it´s not what you get used to!  

* Plans for the future and new releases?

there is a couple of 12″ coming out, one on True Tiger and the other one on On The Edge. Also remixes for Migrant, Filastine, Moldy, Kid606 and more. 

* New Producers that you´ve been listen too?

Floating Points, Pacheko, Sesped, Mr. Gasparov, Pocz, Nehuen, FaltyDL, Untold, Octa Push and more.

* Finally tell us about your favorite nights you played ?

Sonar 2009 and Bangface Weekender 2 are on top!


Sonar 2009



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