Hey whats up people !

I´ve been super busy lately with the party´s, taking care of all the stuff 2 move 2 london and bla bla bla

The blog aint dead, i have already some super cool interviews and more stuff coming out soon.


and by the way, take a look at this nice photos of the last WARFACE PARTY


Thanks to our amazing MASSIVE

and all photo credits 2 : Ines Costa


3 responses to “words

  1. brrraaaaaa pa pa !

  2. Looks like a good time…but the most amazing thing is seeing people smoking inside, thats been banned for years here in Montreal and most of North America…big up!

    • hey insomniak, yea they are trying 2 do the same here mate ! but in most cases they just cant, i duno how you guys go out and clubs and dont smoke, that is just scary 🙂

      cheers for the comment



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