NOAH D interview



Warface present with proud & respect

one of the best producer from the USA dubstep scenne and world widde

2009 was without any doubt he´s year with the realese of Hypnotic Elements EP

and the sick sick tune “Seeeriousss” destroying dancefloors all over the globe.

With no further introductions Boys & Girlz NOAH D ! ! ! 




*  Who are you?

Name: Noah D

I am: some age old

I feel: very connected with music so I do it all the time to feel connected with life


*  When did you start producing and how did you meet dubstep?


I started producing dnb around 2000 for about a year then put it down for a few years and focused on DJing.  At some point I just felt the need to start making my own music again so I picked it up again around 2004.  I was still DJing more than producing until around 2005 and all my interest was in Drum n Bass, which was really the only electronic dance music that I enjoyed at that time, I had very little background in the electronic scene, went to very few raves growing up and my musical listening background was more in the areas of Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, Reggae, Folk… and other types of mostly live music.  Dubstep came to my attention around 2007 when I started to hear little bits here and there.  A lot of friends around me started to feel it more than I was at that time, I was still more interested and invested in DnB.  Then I started to hear more tunes that really moved me and I began experiment with Dubstep production.  After just a few tunes I really started to enjoy it, I really enjoyed it’s minimalism and focus on the sub as the centerpiece of the tune.  The tunes would flow out of me a lot faster and easier than DnB as well.  Dubstep is a simpler (or maybe just younger) form of music so in a sense it’s “easier” to make.  But it’s still important to realize that it’s never easy to make really GOOD music, no matter what the genre.  


*  How did you develop from the didgeridoo to drum and bass to dubstep?


  Didgeridoo came near the end of my time with various instruments.  At that time I was working at a music store in San Jose, California (my home town) and I started to get very interested in exotic instruments.  I bought quite a few while working at the store and Didgeridoo just happened to be the one that stuck with me the most.  My main instrument in those days though, was the guitar.  Guitar was the thing that originally connected me on this path.  After I first picked up a guitar in high school (maybe age 18, can’t remember!) I never put it down.  I would even bring it to school, play during breaks from class.  It was always with me when I was lounging around at home in front of the TV and more often than anything I was just sitting around practicing intensely.  After 5 or 6 years of playing on my own and in a local band in San Jose (which Roommate of Babylon System was also in!) I finally started to get a bit burned out on guitar and organic instruments in general.  In 2001 No Thing and Roommate (Babylon System, which didn’t actually exist just yet) invited me to move with them to a small town named Bend in Oregon which is in the Northwestern part of the US.  We lived there together for a year which is when I really started to explore dnb production with a lot of instruction from No Thing who had just taken a corse for it in college.  Needless to say thosedays were experimental and sloppy at best and after about a year I got more into Djing and put down production until 2004.

* Influences on NOAH D ?

Other good music, cool ideas, epic nature, architecture, random adventures, spicy women and even spicier food!

* Lets get technical how do you develop your music, your producing process and how your set up? 

This is one of my least favourite questions 😛 but that’s ok, I certainly understand the desire people have to know this stuff about others.  I’m not very technical.  at the moment I’m coming to you from a 6 year old PowerBook G4 that I can hardly produce on anymore, no hardware, no soundcard, no mouse, a pair of Mackie HR8-24’s for monitors and an Axiom 49 midi controller.  I used to only use Reason but now I rewire into Ableton Live and use both.  Rarely have used plug-ins in the past (even though I had tons of ’em) but I plan to get a new computer soon and will be learning and using some new software instruments and effects.  At this point in time my machine can’t handle more than two plug-ins working at once so my options are very limited in that area.  Limitations can be good sometimes though, they challenge you to explore creative ways to solve problems and I’m sure I’ve benefited from this more than once.  As for writing a tune, sometimes I start with drums, sometimes bassline, sometimes I start by taking pieces of old projects, sometimes I start from scratch, it’s all over the place. 

* Mythical question producing or dj´ing?


Producing, only because I can still imagine doing it when I’m old, but I might not want to be out in clubs DJing anymore.  Tough to pick though, I really do like both.

*  Having such a strong and intense sound how do the crowd respond to your live set´s?


Well, besides the energy in my tunes, I also have a lot of energy when I play cause I only play tunes that really move me.  My job as the DJ is to move the crowd and they usually respond well! 🙂

* Favourite city´s to play?

Too hard to answer, I’ll probably have a better answer after I’ve travelled around the globe more extensively.  On my recent Hypnotic Elements European tour one of my favorite shows was in Gothenburg, Sweden for the All Out Dubstep guys.  It was definitely one of the best sets of the tour, the crowd was so great, tons and tons of energy and just loving the sounds.

*  Hypnotic elements EP was for me one of the best dubstep releases, how does it feel to see it killing all over the globe ?

It feels good 😉  Seeeriousss really did a number on the scene this year.  I knew when it was finished that it had the potential to be big, but you never know what’s actually going to happen and it’s always a surprise to see something you made effect so many people all over the world.  Seems like tunes just start to catch fire sometimes and their popularity moves beyond the music itself into this crazy power that people can’t turn away from, very interesting to observe when it’s your own work.

* Futures realeses and projects?

The big project on the horizon right now is my debut full length album.  I’m waiting to get a new machine before I start working on it because I can’t be held back at all on this project.  I feel like it’s time for me to step up my game again and I want to come diverse with it this time.  I’m a musician, not a Dubstep producer/dj.  This album will have a lot of stuff in the 140bpm range but it will most likely move from 130-170bpm.  Some of the tunes will be more on the listening tip, some more for the dance floor.  Some tunes will be really short but still with enough length and structure so they can be used for DJing, some tunes will be instrumental, some with vocals.  I’m going to try to have vocals from different backgrounds like Dancehall, Grime, Hip Hop and Soul/RnB, some male, some female.  This project is going to take quite some time so who knows what the final outcome will be but these are the goals for now!

* How do you feel about the global Dubstep Scenne ?


It seems to be doing well all over the place, it’s exciting.  It also makes me wonder if it’s going to fizzle out soon, not that I think it’s a “cheap” genre of music, it’s just that the buzz has gotten so intense I wonder if it can last a whole lot longer with out over saturating and in turn, becoming boring to people.  Hopefully producers just keep bringing new ideas to the table and listeners/dancers stay open to hearing new ideas.  I think if nothing else we are seeing it at, or near it’s peak and it will pass just as peaks always do but I don’t think it will die out afterwards, just slow down a little and be less in the eyes of the media. 


*  Tell us some of the artists you´ve been listen to?

Mensah, Joker, Giant, Starkey, Kito, Lost, Matt-U, Breakage, Emalkay.

* Finaly when do the portugues massive will be abble to feel your power live?

Hopefully soon!! I’d love to come to Portugal!! Lets make it happen 🙂


Get Darker TV #35 with Breakage, Noah D & Scientist: (audio/itunes)  (video) 




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  3. essa música the general é genial descubria numa entervista da dazzed and confused owowo

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