JAZZSTEPPA interview


so new interview with the live dubstep collective JAZZSTEPPA,

they are pioneers in the use of acoustic instruments to play LIVE DUBSTEP

They have released five releases including Taylor Rain/ Big Swing Sound, which received national radio play on BBC 1.

stay tuned to this amazing project & read this amazing interview 



* How did you guys get into producing music 

Well, for me it’s the first project I’m producing on a professional level. we R both coming from an instrumental background and played in lot’s of different band for many years. Gal ( Moore ) started to produce when he was 14, and since then we r experiencing ourselves with live instruments recordings and electronic beats.

* How did you know dubstep?

I first got into dubstep through my brother who was downloading it already in 2004 / 5. back then I did not really knew how to call it, I think it was 2-step. when I met Gal in his first visit in Israel ( 2005 ) after he left to London, he told me that there is a new music genre called Dubstep and I should check it. the first tracks we listened to were exactly the same tracks I had on my hard drive ( which I did not know how to name them ;  ) I think it was one of Cokis… or Code9 …. whatever. 

* How did you meet and form JAZZSTEPPA

Well, We’ve  met in School when we were 10 or 11  ( Gal just arrived from London with his Family ) …. we were both writing songs and started a band together, afterwords we had few other bands by the age of 18. we both joined the I.D.F ( the Israeli Army ) and served our beloved country for  3 years! I was a Combat ( Tank Commander ) and Gal was in the Intelligence forces… 

when we finished the army Gal went back to London and got to Berlin. it was 2005. we haven’t meet each other for almost 1 year, and on December 2006 Gal called me and we decided to start a new project in Berlin

this is how we got an old Jazz session cafe ( Acud ) for 14 days we used to record on the day time and play gigs on the nights. we had few musicians and producers working with us. and this is how we created our first 5 tracks ( 1, 2 , 3 , 4  and 5 )  

* Concept of JAZZSTEPA and the name ?

We’re recording live instruments ( Brass and Rhythm section ) and merging them together with electronics ( beats and bass-lines mostly ) I’m a trained jazz musician, trombone player. and Gal is a drummer.

Basically we both r influenced a lot from live music such as:

Eric Dolphy, Frank Zappa, CharliE Mingus, Sly N The Family Stone, Sly and Robbie, Aswad, Igor Stravinsky, mILES and mAny more. 

and from the other hand from up to date PoP ,Indie and dance music like:

Madona, Black eyed Peas, Passion Pitt, Rusko, Prodigy, Photek, Air, Massive Attack. …. 

So basically Jazzsteppas concept is to make a cool mix between all of those   :  )

* Outside music what influences your music? 

We love women, food, traveling, books, good art exhibitions, sleep, black coffee, cigaretts, dogs and cats…. you know the usual stuff… 

* Lets get Technical, how´s your production set up?

– An anAlog delay. 

– Sound card. 

– P.C  ( we got cubase 1, 2, 3 and 4 installed ) 

– Some plug ins, nothing too sirius.

– Mic’s 

– As much instruments as we can get for the time we r working…. 


* Being a project with such a strong live act, tell us your favourite places to play and why?

1. TLV – This is our hometown

2. BristoL – This is also our hometow

3. London – guess what ;  ) another hometown

4. Berlin –  yeah, another 1…

 These R the only places where we really feel like   ” home ”   the people are cool and open minded, and ready for a new sound… 

* Did you like to play in Lisbon ? what do you think of the city and the massive?

We had a great time in Lisbon, although our show was not full enough… but I think that WAS a problem with the production

I do think that a city who grew a band such as Buraka Som Systema has a bigger “bass scene”…  I do know some good and interesting  DJ’S and producers  like:  A.M.O.R, octapush,  Mr gasparov, and many more…. 

 really liked the City though…. 1 of the most beautiful 4 suRe, cool peopel as well. we do want to come back for sure!!!! we need a good contact though…. know anyboDy  ;  ) 

* New releases and future projects ?

We released two new tracks on Police in Helicopter ( which were sold out in less then a week  ) , we released few songs on our own label. we r releasing Borgore’s ep   ( Guided Relaxation and Go to Bed ) on Vinyl 12″ on JAZZSTEPPA RECORDS… and still working on our upcoming Album ( we can not tell u the name of the label… we have not signed  the  contract yet so it’s a secret )

Gal Bar-Adon

+49 (0) 30 60 40 28 36
+49 (0) 177 405 98 52





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  1. Boas

    Bom espaço que tem aqui!

    Continuem com o bom trabalho



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