DUBFILES dubstep documentary




“Dubfiles presents the first Dubstep documentary which takes a look inside the world of Dubsteps most prolific DJ’s, MC’s and Producers. Join them as they show you some detailed and personal interviews with the scenes top players. Finding out there likes, dislikes, roots, influences and production tips. Featuring: Caspa, Quietstorm, Benga, Skream, Slaughter Mob, Distance, Joe Nice, Search & Destroy, N-Type, D1, Rusko, Hatcha, Crazy D & Pinch. Features Bonus CD with 10 killer releases from Pinch, Benga, Skream, Caspa & more!

One for the true dubstep aficionados this. Dubfiles have documented the scene’s biggest players from Skream to Caspa to Joe Nice, in a Grime DVD style format with interviews discussing their backgrounds, influences and personal views on politics, art, existentialism and food. The CD to accompany the first Documentary on Dubstep covers tracks from many of the artists included on the DVD, from every mum’s favourite ‘Big Headed Slags’ by Caspa, to Rusko’s ‘Get Ya Cock out’, D1’s ‘Dubstep warz’ and Pinch’s ‘Airlock’, alongside recent winners from Benga, Skream and N-Type.”


great documentary if you dont know dubstep that much watch this! and if you think you do… forget about it you dont know shit till you watch this so download it, its easy and fun









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